Al Manal

About Us


Al Manal International Investment Co. W.L.L is a well-established and recognized investment and financial company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Established in 2002 as a major investment company, Al Manal International Investment Co. W.L.L today is one of the largest investment organizations in the entire MENA region.

We provides wide range of services that facilitate businessmen and individuals to attain their goals and to be successful. Because of the expertise we possess, our business has been widespread all over. Hundreds of business and companies have benefited from our quality services. With our dynamic outlook and organizational strength, our establishments have grown and diversified locally and internationally. Our business services have been devised in such a way so as to help our clients in setting up a successful business and to help them achieve their long term business goals and objectives.

Al Manal International Investment Co. W.L.L provides its clients with carefully selected investment opportunities that are characterized by achieving the balance between risks and profits, and does its best for the development of its client's investment through feasible projects that have economic value. Al Manal International Investment Co. W.L.L consistently provides unique investment services to its customers as well as many financial services, that leads to create a balanced basket of opportunities for the company's customers. Our focus is on maximizing each business opportunity which is presented to us, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, both in the Middle East and around the world. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our diverse network. Al Manal International Investment Co. W.L.L seeks to hold a leadership position in the field of industry investment, whether in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) , Middle East or worldwide, which it managed to find a place in these areas to become an investment company that is able to continue to improve its outstanding performance to the highest levels, in addition it has been able to build a solid and profitable ground and strategy to continue growing for coming years.